Vocoder effect used in "A Letter to Three Wives" (Film) 1948-49

Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Stars: Ann Southern, Kirk Douglas, Paul Douglas, Lind Darnell

Sound: Roger Herman Sr., Arthur von Kirbach

20th Century Fox ®


Thanks to MonoThyratron for the youtube video.


A Voder, what is now commonly called a VoCoder (Vocal Encoder)

As used in the film: "A Letter to Three Wives" (1949)

Example 1: Spoken Phrase "Is it Brad?" this is encoded with the sound of the ferry boat on the way to the picnic. 12:50 chapter 6

Example 2: Vocal Keyboard Phrase "Why didn't George go fishing". 33:42. "and why the blue suit?". 33:50 chapter 9. 59:00 chapter 12

Example 3: Spoken Phrase "you have not" repeated "Maybe you haven't got everything that you wanted after all". This is encoded with the sound of a sink dripping water into a bucket in the women's locker. 01:01:01 chapter 13

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